Bezzt's journey started with a recipe for the Olympic Games in London, which we developed with a dietician who researched obesity at Karolinska Institute. 

Today Bezzt of Nature is a lifestyle company with global ambitions. None of our products contain palm oil, by excluding palm oil we contribute to keeping a healthy biodiversity. We aim to offer a wide range of products for a healthy lifestyle for the whole family. Our vision is to become Swedens leading company  in functional foods and clean eating. 

A great passion of mine has always been health and clean eating. By choosing Bezzt of Nature you can treat yourself everyday and turn your guilty pleasures into a new pure and healthy experience.

When creating Bezzt  it was also very important for me to create a product that was not only healthy and free from unnecessary additives but also environmentally friendly and use responsibly sourced ingredients. Since I was a child, helping the environment and animals has always been a passion of mine. I believe that we all have a responsibility to make sustainable choices in our everyday life.  /Nici F.

Based on the recipe we created for the Olympic Games in London we created our very first product, a bar which provided optimal nutrition and energy. We started with three unique flavors: Bezzt of Nature Coconutzz Vanilla, Bezzt of Nature Razzbery & Bezzt of Nature ZzoChoko Cinnamon.


The key ingredients in our bars was honey, oat and pea protein. 

We did a testing period where we sold our products in approx. 50 shops. We sold over 30,000 products during a period of 11 months. Our founder Nici Ferber handled all the sales and deliveries to the shops. 

Bezzt of Natures strategy will be to build a strong and sustainable product portfolio. It will consist of strong and established brands as well as new smaller brands in the functional foods and clean eating segment. A first step in achieving this is the merger between FUUD United AB and Bezzt AB. By balancing innovation and acquisitions of established businesses, Bezzt will be able to take a leading position within FMCG category. As mentioned before new brands and products will be added to the Bezzt portfolio successfully through acquisitions of companies and products rights, in combination with the development of our own brand and products. 

Our mission is to take position as one of the leading companies in Scandinavia within the functional foods and clean eating segment.  We will achieve this by being an active player in the market and developing and building a strong premium product portfolio consisting of genuinely healthy and pure consumer products which uphold our values and have high sales and profitability.