Honey is good :-)

Previously, it was used on the outside of the body, for example on hard-wound wounds. But honey also benefits inside the body, among other things, studies show that it can improve bowel health. And now scientists know why. According to Tobias Olofsson, molecular biologist at Lund University, the honey's health is linked with lactic acid bacteria. The useful lactic acid bacteria in the honey come from the stomach of the bite, where the nectar is stored. When bina transforms nectar into honey, the beneficial bacteria follow, "he says.

5 days of no sugar - Lucie Fink

This week, Lucie Fink tried giving up the food she loves most in the world -- processed sugar! Some suggested she cut out sugar gradually, but Lucie went all-in and stopped cold turkey. Watch to see how she felt after 5 days sans sweets.

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